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Affordable Housing Network for manufactured homes is here to educate the modern day consumer on what manufactured homes can bring to the affordable housing market. Providing information from home purchasing to manufactured home installation and know how.

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Manufactured Home Dealers are independent state licensed and approved resellers of manufactured home builders, much like a car dealer, but just because they are licensed does not mean they are all the same. It is important to  make sure they treat you right!

Manufactured home cost can vary significantly  by state & manufacturer & site  improvements can increase cost as well so the best way to be prepared is to start your research here

The loan process is generally involves the most work and the home process should be fairly easy just deciding what size home you need and choosing your options & upgrades.

We are  a  free manufactured home informational service. 

Manufactured Home Loans  are not the same as traditional home loans and sometimes require a different pre approval, or different bank, often times the manufactured home dealer will have a reference for you .

Here are a few step to get you in the right direction.

1st Determine your budget & get pre-approved through a lender if necessary.

2nd find an Ideal location whether its a park or private property.

3rd Choose a floor plan & find a dealer. 

Dealers will only carry certain manufacturers.

That is what we are here for  and usually depending on financing and family size we can get you in the right direction.

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Start to build your dream home with the right information from our large catalog of articles that are easy to discover and will give you the knowledge you need to make an educated decision on your future purchase of manufactured home. is here to help you discover the right information about manufactured homes and answer your manufactured and mobile home questions.

Manufactured Home Construction

Learn more about what the benefits & differences is between manufactured homes, modular homes & stick built construction.

Manufactured Home Buying

Discover how to purchase a new or used manufactured home. Including finding a manufactured home loan that's right for you.

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How to determine your buying goals and whats important for you.
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